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isfor250metrictonsofgroundnutsatRMB1800perM/TC&FCopenhagen.这是一份250吨花生之合同,价格为每公吨哥本哈根成本加运费价1800元。MayIreferyoutoArticle5oftheGeneralTermsandConditionsofthecontract?请您看看合同一般条款之第五条。MayIreferyoutothecontr...-zhksw摘 关键词:考试 真题 模拟题 试题 押密 预测 练 答案 习题
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Look at this contract. 请看这份合同。
These are two originals of the contract we prepared. 这是我们准备好之两份合同正本。 We enclose our sales contract No.45 in duplicate. 附上我们第45号销售合同一式两份。 The copy of our contract will be returned. 合同之副本将被归还。
This contract is for 250 metric tons of groundnuts at RMB1800 per M/T C&F Copenhagen. 这是一份250吨花生之合同,价格为每公吨哥本哈根成本加运费价1800元。
May I refer you to Article 5 of the General Terms and Conditions of the contract? 请您看看合同一般条款之第五条。
May I refer you to the contract stipulation about packing (or shipping....)? 请您看看合同中有关包装(装运)之规定。
You must state the description of the goods, the quantity and the unit price in each contract. 每笔合同中都应该提到之商品之性能说明、数量和单价。
What are the main clauses in the contract? 合同中之主要条款有哪些?
There is an arbitration clause in the contract. (or insurance clause, inspection clause, shipping clause...) 这是合同中之一项仲裁条款。(或:保险条款,检验条款,装运条款等) Payment terms are important in a contract too, aren't they? 合同中之付款条件也很重要,对吗?
We ship our goods in accordance with the terms of the contract. 我们按合同条款交货。 I'm sure that shipment will be effected according to the contract stipulation. 我保证我们能按合同规定如期装船。
We sincerely hope that both quality and quantity are in conformity with the contract stipulations. 我们真诚希望质量、数量都与合同规定相吻合。
All terms and conditions will be the same as those in your previous contract number C70064. 所有条款与我们过去签之第C70064号合同规定之各项条款相同。
The contract states that the supplier will be charged a penalty if there is a delay in delivery. 合同规定如果供货商延误交货期,将被罚款。
When the goods aren't up to specification stated in the contract, there is also a penalty for poor quality. 如果所交货物与合同所规定规格不符,还有品质恶劣罚款。
Words and Phrases contract terms (or contract clause) 合同条款
contract provisions/stipulations 合同规定
contract period (or contract term) 合同期限
contract life 合同有效期 to be stipulated in the contract 在合同中予以规定 to be laid down in the contract 在合同中列明

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