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    考试一两周时间,浏览一遍预测机经碰碰运气,中了就中,不中就靠实力。  09.10.10CN:Doyouagreewiththefollowingstatement?Itwaseasiertoachievesuccessinthepastthanitistoday.  Successissomethingthatmosthumanalwayscravefor,whetherinthepastor...-zhksw摘 关键词:考试 真题 模拟题 试题 押密 预测 练 答案 习题
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      09.10.10CN: Do you agree with the following statement? It was easier to achieve success in the past than it is today.

      Success is something that most human always crave for, whether in the past or now. In the long history of human, there are many people who have got resounding success, and they have achieved their success in many ways, with different efforts. In my opinion, it is easier to be a success in the modern life because of these reasons.

      To begin with the first one, I would like to talk about the learning availability in different periods of time. Though success can be achieved in various ways, but being able to study in a good educating environment is a leading condition to reach the goal. In the past, it is hard for those who are poor or not in high social positions to join schools. The prejudice and the obsessive conception of the society at that time seemed to prevent studying. Being a success at that time was nearly impossible to most ancient people. In contrast, today there are many schools that are opened to all the people who want to study and afford the learning fee, hence the chance to get knowledge is much easier, so is the chance to be a success.

      Another reason I want to mention
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