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    rkthecorrespondingletterontheAnswerSheet.  TheroleofwomeninBritainhaschangedalotinthiscentury,__56___inthelasttwentyyears.Themainchangehasbeen__57__givingwomengreaterequalitywithmen.__58__tothebegin...-zhksw摘 关键词:考试 真题 模拟题 试题 押密 预测 练 答案 习题
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    Part IV. Cloze (20%)

      Directions: Each blank in the following passages is provided with four choices. reach each of the passage and choose the best answer for each blank. Then, mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

      The role of women in Britain has changed a lot in this century, __56___in the last twenty years. The main change has been __57__giving women greater equality with men. __58__to the beginning of this century, women seem to have had__59__rights. They could not vote and were kept at home. __60__, as far as we know, most women were happy__61___this situation. Today, women in Britain certainly__62___more rights than they used to. They were __63___the vote in 1919. In 1970 a law was passed to give them an equal __64___of wealth in the case of porce, __65___the Equal Pay Act gave them the right__66___equal pay with men for work of equal value in the same year.
      Yet __67___these changes, there are still great difference in status between men and women. Many employers seem to __68___the Equal Pay Act, and the average working women is __69___to earn only about half__70__a man earns for the same job. __71___a survey, at present, only one-third of the country's workers are __72__women. This small percentage is partly__73__a shortage of nurseries. If there were __74___nurseries, twice as many women__75___go out to work.

      56.A. certainly  B. especially  C. apparently  D. practically
      57.A. towards  B. against  C. upon  D. through
      58.A. By  B. On  C. Over  D. Up
      59.A. few  B. less  C. some  D. many
      60.A. Besides  B. Therefore  C. However  D. Then
      61.A. at  B. to  C. with  D. for
      62.A. lack  B. enjoy  C. occupy  D. take
      63.A. given  B. deprived  C. denied  D. approved
      64.A. rate  B. value  C. number  D. share
      65.A. but  B. and  C. because  D. although
      66.A. of  B. with  C. on  D. for
      67.A. because of  B. instead of  C. in spite of  D. as a result of
      68.A. support  B. fa
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