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    【成人英语三级考试网】成人英语三级模拟试题 (4)-成人英语三级考试模拟试题
    lltakenfromtheReadingPassagesyouhavereadinPartIoftheTestPaper.Youshouldreferbacktothepassagessoastoidentifythemeaningofthesesentencesinthecontext.(10%)  76Thefirstpapermoneylookedmorelikeanotefromon...-zhksw摘 关键词:考试 真题 模拟题 试题 押密 预测 练 答案 习题
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    Part V. Translation(20%)

      1) Directions: In this part, there are five items which you should translate into Chinese, each consisting of one or two sentences. These sentences are all taken from the Reading Passages you have read in Part I of the Test Paper. You should refer back to the passages so as to identify the meaning of these sentences in the context. (10%)

      76 The first paper money looked more like a note from one person to another than paper money used today.

      77 In the last 500 years , nothing about people ----not their clothes, ideas, or languages----has changed as much as what they eat.

      78 Ireland became so dependent on it that thousands of Irish people starved when the crop failed during the "Potato Famine" of 1845-6, and thousands more were forced to emigrate to America.

      79 If Aristotle wanted to work in a university in the UK today, he would have a good chance of teaching computer science but would not be so readily employable as a philosopher.

      80 Apart from requiring medical and social services, which do not directly contribute to economic growth, the society should also value and enjoy literature, music and the arts.

      2) Translate the following sentences into English (10%)

      81. 我怎么能为他讲之话负责呢?

      82. 看外表他一点也不像一个八十岁之老人。

      83. 很明显是他之年轻助手在经营这家书店。

      84. 你可曾遇见到你现在遇到之困难?

      85. 我问了她数次, 可她拒绝回答我之问题。

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