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    【四六级考试网】How to Aohieve Success-如何取得成功-大学英语四六级考试(CET):中华四六级网
    功之方法,即成功不但要有明确之目标、有坚持不懈之努力、有永不动摇之决心,更要有虚心向他人学习、注重集体智慧、发扬团结互助之精神等。[范文]Differentpeoplehavedifferentviewsonsuccess.Someholdthatmakingagreatdealofmoneymeanssuccess.Othersarguethatholdinganimportantposti...-zhksw摘 关键词:考试 真题 模拟题 试题 押密 预测 练 答案 习题
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    How to Aohieve Success(如何取得成功)
    Different people have different views on success. Some hold that making a great deal of money means success. Others argue that holding an important post in the government means success. Still others believe that having a high academic title at a famous university or a research institute means success.
    In my opinion, success means brilliant achievement in our work. In other words, no matter what we do, making outstanding contributions to the development of our country and bringing help and happiness to others is success.
    To achieve success, we should, first of all, have a clear long-term goal in our life. Besides, we should have short term goals in different periods of life. As we know, it is these short term goals that make our long-term goal possible. Second, we should be both perseverant and hardworking. Whatever we do, there are always two possibilities: success and failure. We should never lose heart when we come across difficulties or when we are confronted with failure. Instead, we should learn from our experience, build up our confidence and work even harder and smarter towards our purpose. Third, we should follow the examples of those who are successful and learn from them. Finally, we should try to get along well with our classmates and colleagues. We should care for each other and help each other in our study, our work and our life, because team work is of great importance in the realization of our dream.
    If we can follow these principles, we will certainly achieve remarkable success in our life
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