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    How to Take Notes(如何做笔记)
    There are many things you should do if you want to excel in college courses. One of the most important things, Ithink, is to take effective notes. The following tips should help you take better notes in your classes.
    First, attend classes faithfully. Copying another student's notes cannot substitute for hearing the idea in person. Second, develop a system of abbreviation. Using abbreviations for often used words and special terms can speed up your note taking. In addition, be alert for signals of importance: anything written on blackboard, definitions, examples, emphasized words, and repeated ideas. Writing down examples and connections between ideas is also essential. Too many students merely copy the terms the teacher puts on the blackboard; they forget that as time goes by, details that serve as a bridge between the ideas quickly fade. Next, review your notes after class to
    classify and expand them. Finally, take notes in every class you attend. Otherwise, you are sure to forget most of what you hear.
    If you can follow the above tips, you are bound to find all your lessons easy and enjoyable. And, as time goes, you will do better than most of the students in your class.
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