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    【四六级考试网】How to Read Better and Faster-如何-大学英语四六级考试(CET):中华四六级网
    义等;最后简练结尾。[范文]Readingisnotonlyrelaxation.Tokeepupwiththeirwork,manypeoplemustreadletters,reports,publications,officedocuments,aneverendingfloodofwords.Inanexamination,theabilitytoreadandtocomprehend...-zhksw摘 关键词:考试 真题 模拟题 试题 押密 预测 练 答案 习题
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    How to Read Better and Faster(如何读得好又快)
    Reading is not only relaxation. To keep up with their work, many people must read letters, reports, publications, office documents, a never ending flood of words. In an examination, the ability to read and to comprehend quickly can mean the difference between success and failure. But the fact is that most of us are poor readers. Fortunately, almost anyone can learn to read faster and with greater comprehension.
    Here are some suggestions on how to deal with some bad reading habits. If you mouth each word as you read, this slows down you toa snail's speed. The best way to correct this problem is to place a finger on your lips and hold them firmly shut till you've broken the habit. If your head swings as your eyes move along a line, lock your head between your hands as you read. If you point to each word with your finger, grip the reading material firmly with both hands or sit on your hands while you read.
    Here are more suggestions to train you to read better and faster: Read in aquiet spot, as free from distraction as possible. But don't daydream; force yourself to concentrate on what you are reading. If you come across unfamiliar words, try to guess the meaning from the context, then check the meaning in a dictionary later. Don't reread. Pretend the words disappear as your eyes pass over them. You'll probably be surprised to find that you didn't miss anything important. Try to glance only at nouns and verbs in sentences to see how much you can get out of reading this way.
    The secret of success is constant practice. What you get will be worth the effort.
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