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    orth  C.northern  D.northwest  3.Theplanewasthenableto   anditclearedthemoutainsby400feet.  A.rise  B.raise  C.arise  D.rouse  4.Hehad   togobecausehedoesn'tgetonwellwithothers.  A.everywhere  B.any...-zhksw摘 关键词:考试 真题 模拟题 试题 押密 预测 练 答案 习题
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    1. He told me that the firm could not afford     such large salaries.
      A. paying
      B. to pay
      C. to have paid
      D. being paid
      2. She has travelled in     countries.
      A. south
      B. north
      C. northern
      D. northwest
      3. The plane was then able to     and it cleared the moutains by 400 feet.
      A. rise
      B. raise
      C. arise
      D. rouse
      4. He had     to go because he doesn't get on well with others.
      A. everywhere
      B. anywhere
      C. somewhere
      D. nowhere
      5. Don't be so    ; I'm not telling you what I've promised not to say.
      6. He     his previous best performance in the 1000 meters.
      A. improves
      B. improves on
      C. betters
      D. proves
      7. I     to interrupt a man when he's busy working.
      A. envy
      B. hate
      C. admire
      D. improve
      8. he was astonished     what he found.
      A. at
      B. to
      C. for
      D. on
      9. They made no effort to hide their amusement     I produced a packet of sweets from my pocket.
      A. whatever
      B. wherever
      C. whoever
      D. whenever
      10. I had hoped to get $1000 for my old car but had to     a lot less.
      A. settle down
      B. settle in
      C. settle for
      D. settle on
      1. B  2. C  3. A  4. D  5. D
      6. B  7. B  8. A  9. D  10. C
      1. afford 后常接动词之不定式,所以应该选B:"to pay".
      3. 此处只能选择一个不及物动词作答案
      4. 句子之意思为:"他没有什么地方去因为与别人相处不好"
      5. odd、strange均为"奇特之",shocked意为"惊讶之",curious既有"奇特之",还有"好奇之"意思。
      6. better和improve均有"提高"、"改善"之意,better主要指改善地位或经济状况;improve指提高文化水平。
      8. astonish后接动词时常用不定式。be astonished at 对……很惊讶
      10. settle down 定居;
      settle in 在新居安定下来;
      settle for 勉强认可;
      settle on 选定,决定。
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