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    gs.  A.with…for…about  C.with…about  D.about…with  3.Youmustn'tjoke   him   religiousbelief.  A.with…to…about  C.about…with  D.with…about  4.Tom,you'renot   togoouttonight.It'sraininghea...-zhksw摘 关键词:考试 真题 模拟题 试题 押密 预测 练 答案 习题
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    1. They have three dogs to find a home for, not to     that cat and the bird.
      A. refer
      B. name
      C. comment
      D. mention
      2. She likes to quarrel     neighbors     the little things.
      A. with…for
      B. to…about
      C. with…about
      D. about…with
      3. You mustn't joke     him     religious belief.
      A. with…to
      B. to…about
      C. about…with
      D. with…about
      4. Tom, you're not     to go out tonight. It's raining heavily now.
      A. supposed
      B. ought
      C. thought
      D. considered
      5. The village is     by the hills.
      A. shut off
      B. shut in
      C. shut up
      D. shut out
      6. I can't     him to those people; I don't think he knows them at all.
      A. join
      B. link
      C. connect
      D. collect
      7. Peter is confident     winning the post as the assistant to the managing director.
      A. of
      B. in
      C. on
      D. to
      8. We described him     the cleverest student in the class.
      A. to
      B. as
      C. with
      D. on
      9. So,    , we've got to try further funding.
      A. in sum up
      B. in summary
      C. summing in
      D. on summary
      10. Her words left us    .
      A. lost
      B. loss
      C. at a loss
      D. losing
      1. D  2.C  3. D  4. A  5. B
      6. B  7. A  8.B  9. B  10. C
      1. 这题容易误选为A,因为refer与mention是近义词,但大家注意:not to mention为固定搭配。
      2. 本题考查quarrel之常用短语用法。quarrel与about连用后接内容,不与for连用。
      3. joke with sb. About sth.
      扩展:play a joke on为固定搭配
      4. be supposed to do sth. 应该…
      这道题容易误选B,之所以不选B是因为ought to 不能于be动词连用。
      5. 记住几个和shut相关之词组shut off 切断(水、电等)
      shut out 把…排斥在外
      shut in 把…关在里面
      shut up 住口
      6. join to把…连接到
      link to与…相联系
      扩展:link up with 与…相连接
      7. 这首题考固定搭配,记住就好:be confident of 对…有信心
      8. describe…as… 把…说成…
      9. to sum up、in summary、summing up意思均为"总之来说".
      10. at a loss困惑,不知所措
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